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Becoming a parent can feel overwhelming

Working with a life coach can help

Mother and Baby Sleeping

The responsibilities of being a parent can feel overwhelming...

If you are feeling:

  • Stressed or exhausted

  • Anxiety, sadness, frustration or anger

  • Isolated and lonely

  • Pressure to “do it all”

  • Strains in your relationships

  • A loss of identity

  • Difficulty getting back into routines

  • Difficulty being productive

Working with a life coach can help you:

Improve your mood and well-being

Feel like a better parent

Feel more supported by and connected to your loved ones and interests

Improve your energy levels and reduce burnout fatigue

Parenthood Coaching Program Benefits

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About Coach Emily

Meet Emily Terrani

Not only is Emily a working toddler mom, who knows the real struggles and challenges that come with motherhood, but she is also a compassionate, empathetic certified professional coach with deep expertise in the field of psychology and behavior change.


Parents find Emily's guidance and support incredibly helpful as they navigate the challenges of parenthood and other life responsibilities.


Using science-based psychology and coaching techniques, Emily can empower you to build resilience, navigate parenthood with confidence, and unlock your full potential in both your personal and professional life


Emily is a graduate of Cornell University with a Master's of Psychology from Harvard University, as well as a burnout & resilience researcher.


Listen In:
Parenthood Coaching Podcast Interview

In this insightful interview, Emily delves into the profound significance of coaching for both parents and children. Discover how coaching can transform family dynamics, foster stronger connections and nurture personal growth and development -- for both parents and kids. Gain invaluable wisdom on navigating the complexities of parenthood and empowering your children to thrive.

Get the support you need

Book a 15-minute phone call with Emily to assess your coaching goals and needs, and to learn more about Emily's parenthood coaching program.

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