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Emily helps leaders elevate their impact, drive innovation, growth and profitability.


She is a compassionate, empathic certified professional coach with deep expertise in the field of psychology and behavior change. Leaders find Emily's guidance and support incredibly effective from her industry knowledge and results-oriented approach tailored to their unique challenges.


Emily has an inherent passion for helping leaders elevate their performance and resilience in their dynamic and challenging roles. Her natural approachability, astute perceptiveness, and warm demeanor create an inviting and safe space for client leaders to unlock key insights to transform goals into reality. 
Emily received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Cornell University and graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Psychology, Extension Studies. During her studies at Harvard, Emily conducted research focused on burnout and resilience. As a coach, Emily uses effective coaching strategies for promoting growth and resilience and shares powerful knowledge founded in psychology.

As a staff member at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring scientific integrity in the field of coaching, Emily has access to innovative research and regularly engages with world-renowned experts in the coaching field to inform her coaching practice. She is dedicated to evidence-based coaching.
If you are looking to elevate and accelerate your success as a leader, Emily can help you.

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Book an Introductory Coaching Session

Your journey towards more impactful leadership begins now. Booking an introductory coaching session with Emily will accelerate your ability to drive innovation, growth and profitability as a leader. Learn firsthand how coaching can improve your performance, communication skills and influence.


During this session, Emily will identify exactly how leadership and high-performance coaching can best help you.

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