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I help leaders overcome stress to maximize impact and lead with calm and clarity.

Achieve your peak performance.

Elevate your impact as a leader.

With Coach Emily Terrani

Have you been wondering how coaching can help you?

Meet Emily

As a Harvard-trained Burnout & Resilience Researcher and a Certified Professional Leadership and High-Performance Coach, I can help you maximize your performance as a leader.

Using science-based psychology and coaching techniques, I help my clients drive innovation, growth and profitability.


I use proven methods to help you develop the mindset and skills necessary to overcome the stress, unique challenges and complex dynamics of your position so that you can be calm, yet effective and impactful in your leadership roles.


Based out of Long Island, New York, I am available for in-person, Zoom, and phone sessions, as well as for individual, team or group coaching.


Be A More Impactful Leader 

Tailored coaching services to fuel your innovation, effectiveness and impact as a leader

Analyzing Graphs

High Performance & Productivity

Excel in your leadership roles

Stressed Woman

Burnout & Stress Management

Improve your energy and focus. Manage and reduce workplace stress

Communication & Relationship Building

Fortify your ability to connect and relate to those you lead, as well as key stakeholders

Office Coffee Break

Wellness & Resilience

Improve your health and well-being to be an adaptable, resilient leader


Benefits of Coaching

The Value of Working With a Coach

Increase Productivity

Coaching boosts productivity with a 7x ROI from the initial investment. 

Improve Confidence & Self-Esteem

80% of individuals who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, self-esteem & self-awareness.

Improve Decision-Making Skills

62.4% of coaching clients report improved decision-making skills.

Goal Acheivement

86% of coaching clients report their personal and professional goals were met.

Enhance Communication Skills 

80% of coaching clients report improved communication skills.

Working on a Computer

Boost Performance

70% of individuals coached report improved work performance.

I had the pleasure to be one of Emily’s clients.  She was very well recommended, yet managed to excel my expectations. Emily was able to help me both professionally and on a personal level.

After every session I felt invigorated and couldn’t wait until the following one. It’s very curious how she guided me in the right direction, asking questions that forced me to stop to reflect... Different exercises that helped me get in touch with my feelings and emotions. She is subtle, kind, and extremely bright in her techniques to get us to speak, never losing focus of the original goal. 
In the dynamic world we live, having a time to work on your self-development is more than important, it’s essential. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is definitely something I owe to Emily.

I am so grateful I invested my time in working with her. Thank you Emily!

- Renata X.

Podcast Interview

How to Avoid Burnout

Watch Emily's interview about how to avoid burnout on "the inner creator" with Peter Su, a podcast dedicated to helping rising creators learn more about the art and business of being a Creator. In addition to sharing the external tools to build better videos, audiences, and businesses, The Inner Creator seeks to help Creators improve their inner game - their confidence, mindset, and emotional well-being.

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